3 Ways Small Business Can Put Their Toes in Social Media Water

I just read the Ragan Report’s article about small business and Social Media.  There’s nothing new in it.  It’s just confirming the fact that small businesses are choosing not to partake in Social Media.  In fact, the article (http://www.ragan.com/Main/Articles/43986.aspx) says 67 percent say they won’t partake in Social Media in 2012 either!

That’s just sad to me, since many small companies have made it big by using nothing but Social Media.

Here’s three ways you can take the leap:

1.  Dedicate 2 hours per day to Social Media for a month.  Those can be your hours or an employee’s or those of everyone you have on your team.  Use that time to analyze and set up what your business needs to get into Social Media.  You could have a Facebook page done.  You could conduct a tweeting campaign.  Or an email campaign or many other options.  All doable.  All measurable.  When you see the success, you may find it’s worth it to dedicate someone’s time to this.

2.  Hire a Social Media expert for three months as a test.  You say you don’t know enough about Social Media to handle no.# 1  and don’t want to become an expert?  That’s fine.  Focus where you should.  But hire someone who can help you set up a plan for your business.  And provide that expert with the content s/he needs to truly get your company noticed.  That may mean you merely have to provide photos, email addresses of your patrons, friends, family, and other information.  Set goals with the expert and see what happens.

3.  Learn more about Social/Media to understand what opportunities you’re missing.  Attend the Small Business Success Summit in February 2012 that will focus on online opportunities (http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/smallbiz12/).  It’s all online and spread out over a month – so your time won’t be monopolized.

C’mon, put your toe in the water.  You may find amazing results.    Better you, than your competition!  

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